Welcome to Ways of Being! This blog was born from years of research and conversations about all things well-being, sustainability, and the way we live and think in general.

What is a good life?

How do we live well, consciously, and responsibly?

How can we be better to each other and the planet?

What are the important connections that have been broken in modern society, and what can we do — collectively and as individuals — to restore them?

These are some of the questions central to Ways of Being. Its name was inspired by John Berger’s Ways of Seeing, a book that invites people to see and know art, and the wider world of which it is part, in a different way. This blog has a similar aim. Fundamentally, it’s about introducing ideas around alternative modes of living and thinking, explored through commentary, interviews, short guides, as well as simply my own thoughts.

I hope you will find food for thought, I hope you will be inspired, and please leave plenty of comments. I want this to be an interactive space, because we need all hands on deck to imagine a better world.